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Motherwell Estate Agents

Our estate agents in Motherwell have excellent knowledge of the local area and understand its unique features.

Motherwell is located just outside Glasgow, with a number of small towns surrounding it such as Wishaw and Bellshill.

The town has recovered from high unemployment due to the closure of its steel works but is now bustling with a large number of call centres and business parks.

Buying & Selling Property in†Motherwell

Itís large number of homes, transport links, shopping centres and schools make Motherwell an ideal town for a family looking to settle down.

Raising a family and employment are the two main reasons Motherwell has seen an increase in population over the past decade.

Caileanís estate agents understand the key areas to find the ideal property for each clientís needs, whether itís for employment, family or other.

Cailean can help buy and sell properties in the follow Motherwell areas:

  • Bellshill
  • Blantyre
  • Bothell
  • Cambusnethan
  • Cleland
  • Hamilton
  • Holytown
  • Larkhall
  • Salsburgh
  • Stonehouse (Lanarks)
  • Uddingston
  • Wishaw

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If you are considering buying or selling a property in Motherwell, let our highly experienced and qualified Motherwell estate agents help make it an easy process.

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