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Tenant Guide

  1. Reference Applications
  2. Tenancy Agreement
  3. Payment
  4. Rental Payment
  5. Notice to end a tenancy
  6. Inventory
  7. Deposit Returns
  8. Tenants’ obligations
  9. Property Inspection
  10. Council Tax & Utilities

Reference Applications

At the start of the application process once the offer has been agreed by the landlord, we will secure the property for you subject to satisfactory references being received on behalf of all applicable tenants. Each tenant must complete an application form.

Once full satisfactory references have been received, preparation of the tenancy documentation and any other contract/administrative paperwork will begin.

We will only accept a full reference from a professional reference agency such as Let Alliance, My Rental CV,or Experian.

Should a guarantor be required then a further application form will be required.

It is imperative that you disclose all relevant facts that may adversely affect your reference outcome prior to applications being processed.

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Tenancy Agreement

Both the landlord and tenant(s) will be required to sign a tenancy agreement prior to the tenancy commencing, the agreement outlines both tenant and landlord obligations.

All tenancies are on a 6 month short assured basis, we will contact you at the end of the tenancy to see whether you wish to renew your agreement for a further period and will liaise with the landlord to organise the documentation. It is important you note that the agreement is made between landlord and tenant, we act for the landlord only.

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Once a moving date has been agreed and references have all been approved by the landlord, the tenancy agreement will need to be signed by all parties and the initial monies in full will become due less any holding deposit previously paid:

This is made up of the following:

  • Deposit normally equal to one months’ rent. Deposit will be lodged with My Deposits Scotland as per current legislation
  • The first month’s rent in advance.

The above monies need to be in a cleared form before the tenancy is able to commence.

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Rental Payment

Rental payments are always made by standing order from the tenants’ bank account to Cailean Property account on or before the date of move in each month it is the tenants responsibility to cancel standing orders at end of tenancy this cannot be done by Cailean Property.

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Notice to end a tenancy

To terminate your tenancy subject to term, you will be required to give us one months’ notice in writing of your intention to leave, unless otherwise specified in your tenancy agreement.

Date of notice will be one full month from the anniversary of your move in date/rent payment date.

Insurance Cover

The responsibility for your belongings is down to the tenant, who must ensure they have adequate contents insurance. The landlord accepts no responsibility and cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to tenants’ possessions.

Cailean Property can provide a variety of Insurance products at a competitive price to protect the tenants’ contents and deposit.
Please contact Cailean Property for more information.

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A well-prepared inventory and check-in report protects landlords and tenants alike, providing an accurate description of the condition and contents of a property at the start of a tenancy.

The condition of the property and its contents at the end of the tenancy is then compared back to this report in the form of a check-out report. The inventory clerk will also provide an opinion on whether any damage that has arisen during the tenancy is attributable to the tenants, to ‘fair wear and tear’ or to the landlord as required maintenance.

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Deposit Returns

When your tenancy ends, an inspection of the property will be carried out, either by the landlord or an independent inventory clerk instructed by the landlord. Subject to the findings of the checkout report and with the agreement of both parties the deposit will be released from the Scheme used in this case My Deposits Scotland.

Both parties will have to agree that the deposit can be refunded in full or that deductions for damages are due to landlord deposit will be returned within 3 to 4 working days once agreement has been reached.

If a tenant and landlord cannot agree and go into dispute this will take up to 30 days from point of dispute My Deposits Scotland will act as mediator and they will appoint an adjudicator who will look at the inventory and inspection reports for the property during the tenancy adjudicators decision is final.

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Tenants’ obligations

It is the responsibility of the tenant to ensure the cleanliness of the property,its fittings, and maintenance of garden areas throughout the tenancy. Reporting any maintenance issues immediately to Cailean Property during the period of tenancy, always ensure that the property is fully secured and that during the winter months steps are taken to prevent freezing of pipes and the water and heating system.

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Property Inspection

If we are instructed as managing agents for your property, we will carry out quarterly inspections to assess the condition of the property and that everything is being kept in a satisfactory condition. We will always arrange this with you at a mutually convenient time.

We will, give as much notice as possible and try to fit inspections round tenants work and leisure time if inspection is cancelled or tenant does not attend we will give 24 hours’ notice and carry out inspection of property without tenant being present as per the conditions of lease.

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Council Tax & Utilities

Cailean Property will also inform Local Authority and utilities provider of move in date and readings.

It is the tenant’s responsibility to set up payment method with utility companies at the commencement of the tenancy, and to pay council tax to the local authority. Students, who may be exempt from the payment of council tax, are responsible for informing the Local Authority of this.

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